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Soon to be Available from Historic Angling:

The Colonial Angler’s Manual of Flyfishing & Flytying by Ken Reinard

We are proud to announce that we offer our customers this fine book in both hardbound and paperback editions.

From the Medlar Press: Medlar Press is a quality British publishing house which specializes in premium editions of books related to all aspects of fishing. One may order directly from their U.S. representative, Callahan and Co.

Below are three of our favorites from Medlar Press.

The Fly by Dr. Andrew Herd. This is the most complete history of fly fishing available.

The Float by Keith Harwood. All one might care to learn about the history of floats and fishing with them.

The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle, an excellent facsimile of the most the first fishing book ever published, with a fine translation by Dr. Andrew Herd, author of the Fly.